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Maui Jim Sunglasses Review - Seeing really is believing


Maui Jim Sunglasses Review - Seeing really is believing

Sunglasses have become a must have for many golfers wanting to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays both on and off the course. But what if you could do just that, look good doing it and enhance your view of the world too? Welcome to the unique world of Maui Jim!

Maui Jim review Golf by josh hirst pga professional

Maui Jim sunglasses were created on the beautiful Hawaiian island of well....Maui, to provide a clearer, crisper and more defined view of the world at the same time as protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. The PolarizedPlus2® lens technology provides brilliant color so every detail is crisper and cleaner, without glare or harmful UV. This technology is unique to Maui Jim and it really does make all the difference, I just wish I had mine when I visited the island earlier this year. The frames come in a variety of great designs for both men and women, with the various lens options available, each providing a unique and different view of the world. You can see the difference instantly when you put them on, with colours, clarity and sharpness being enhanced dramatically. The packaging is also brilliant and reminiscent of the beautiful Hawaiian island. All models come with a strong protective case (which can be clipped to your bag) and cleaning cloth, so you can take good care of these amazing glasses. 

maui jim review golf by josh hirst pga professional

On The Course 

On the course we took a closer look at the Sugar Beach frames with natural grey lenses. They look great, feel brilliant, protect your eyes from the sun and the colours you see are amazing to say the least. However they are not just great for the course, I have used them for driving, the beach and every day use with equally impressive results! Maui Jims are extremely lightweight in design and fit your face almost perfectly, with most models incorporating an MJ Sport frame, which means they are designed not to move around or fall off your face. When you put them on the lightweight and thin frame is almost unnoticeable, yet tough and durable at the same time, which is great for the course and everyday use too. 

maui jim review golf by josh hirst pga professional

Many golfers often choose sport frames or golf specific sunglasses to play in, as they are designed to provide protection from the UV rays and anti-glare. However with the modern game changing, many golfers are now opting to wear sunglasses that are a little more stylish, rather than just sporty, and the Maui Jim range provide the best of both worlds. They deliver brilliant sun protection, enhanced colours and visuals plus look great at the same time. They are not the traditional sport option, but one that will appeal to many golfers, as they provide the stability and comfort of a sport frame but the style and look of designer sunglasses. For me sport sunglasses can sometimes feel a little out of place, but the style and design of the Maui Jims really appealed to me. You can look good on the course, whilst protecting your eyes, then use them for everyday use too, which in a place with a lot of sun is extremely useful. 

maui jim review golf by josh hirst pga professional

Something you certainly notice when you put on a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses is the difference in the colours, clarity and sharpness, it is like looking at the world in HD. The course becomes more defined instantly, and they are brilliant at reducing all glare, especially from the club. They enhance your view of the course dramatically, and certainly bring out the best colours, features and undulations. The colours look much more vibrant, interesting and clear, which in my opinion is always a great way to see any golf course. First and foremost sunglasses need to protect your eyes from the sun, so why not have some that do this extremely well, but also make your life a little brighter and more exciting too? The PolarizedPlus2® lenses that are unique to Maui Jim certainly provide great sun protection, and as I have previously suffered with migraines after too much golf in the sun they really helped. 

Maui Jim Review Golf by josh hirst pga professional

One thing that frustrated me previously when wearing sunglasses on the course, was that I could really feel that they were on my face, the sunlight can still come through the side or underneath the lenses, they can be chunky and heavy or move around when I addressed the ball. The Maui Jims do not do this at all, they stayed on my face perfectly and don't move around, the lightweight MJ Sport frames mean that they hold your face in the correct place without any adjustment needed. 

Maui Jim review Golf by josh hirst pga professional

Maui Jims are the perfect combination of style, functionality and design all rolled into one whilst adding a little bit of Maui magic. They do exactly what they need to do by blocking out harmful UV rays, but also enhance your view of the world. Many sports stars and celebrities including Ernie Els trust Maui Jim and its easy to see why. If you are looking for a some sunglasses that give that extra wow factor at the same time as looking and feeling amazing, I strongly recommend Maui Jim!

maui jim review golf by josh hirst pga professional




COMFORT 9.5/10

OVERALL 9.5/10


Don't just take my word for it, visit the Maui Jim website or search #MAUIFILTER on Instagram for an insight into the world of Maui Jim. We will also be posting some pictures of the various courses we review, through the eyes of our Maui Jim glasses on Instagram so keep a look out. 






I have always been a big fan of Nike irons since their debut, they have always been quite simple yet playable and not much seems to have changed. The Nike Vapor Pro and Combo range are extremely attractive to a lot of golfers, mix that with the design process and input of some of the worlds best players and you have a great family of irons. 


The Pro is a great looking iron, its sleek blade design make it almost irresistible. 

I personally moved more towards the Pro irons, simply because of the sleeker and more  traditional design. If you are confident enough to use the Pro iron then do so, you wont regret it! They are a little less forgiving and don't quite fly as far on off centre hits, but never the less they look and feel amazing when you do. 

As the Pro irons are forged, the feel and response level is high, they are also designed very well with most of the head weight being placed in the toe of the club to centralize the sweet spot. This was something Tiger pointed out to designers and was incorporated in the Pro irons. 

Pro Combo

The feel and sound off the clubface is extremely solid yet responsive, they are quite forgiving and give great feedback. Nike have always been good at combo irons and these are no exception. 

'Modern Muscle' is the theme behind the combo irons, this means the series are similar to traditional irons with a bit of a twist. They look and play like a traditional blade but have a hidden cavity which means the weight of the head can be moved around the edges to increase the MOI. 

The head of the combo iron is slightly bigger than the the pro but they are still attractive to look at when addressing the ball. 

The ball flight is a little higher than with the Pro model, but something you would expect from a more forgiving club. A lot of players are choosing the Combo for their long irons simply for the increased launch and forgiveness. 

Vapor Speed 

The Vapor Speed is a much bigger head and design than the other models in the Vapor range. This will appeal more to mid-high handicap golfers who like the design and feel of Nike irons, but want more forgiveness. 

The Vapor Speed is an extremely forgiving iron but still offers great feel and responsiveness. It is a little chunkier to look down at when addressing the ball but not too much so that is is ugly. 

The ball flight again is higher than the Pro and Combo models with more forgiveness. But this does not take away from the feel, and sound of the Vapor Speed, they are a great iron for anyone looking for a little more forgiveness. 


Nike have done extremely well with the Vapor range, the Pro is exactly what it says and appeals to the better golfer, the Pro Combo appeals to the low-mid handicapped golfer, whilst the Vapor Speed will benefit the mid-high handicapper. 

All the Ions are extremely well designed and provide a high level of feel and responsiveness. Every model is similar in feel, sound and design yet tailored to the specific handicap range it will suit the most. There is a good constancy throughout the range, as sometimes irons can vary a lot when more forgiving clubs are introduced but this isn't so with the Vapor range. 

If you are in the market for a new set of irons, I would certainly give the Vapor´s a go! They are a great all around performer and the design and ascetics are up there too.