Golf is like life, you never stop learning! So when I find training aids that help me correct my mistakes I like to share my experiences with others who may also have similar difficulties. 

I recently tested out the EyeLine golf Speed Trap as I have been struggling with my swing path from the tee, I have been hitting from out-to-in and across the ball, resulting in a loss of control and distance. I found the Speed Trap a great way to help correct my mistakes whilst still completing a full movement. 

What is it for? 

Like many training aids the Speed Trap offers more than one helping hand. It can be used with all the clubs in the bag to improve both swing path and strike. The removable speed rods help train your path and the marker lines on the base show the ideal locations for the ball to be placed for a chip, pitch or full swing. This is important because the further back the ball position the steeper the angle of attack must be to avoid contact with the base, giving an improved strike with iron, chip and pitch shots. 

eyeline golf speed trap review golf by josh hirst pga professional
Here you can see the ball positioned near the back of the base. 

Here you can see the ball positioned near the back of the base. 

How to use it

The Speed Trap is extremely simple to use but very effective, if you are using it on the grass make sure you align the white target line to your desired location and place two tees in the holes to secure it to the ground. If you are on the range make sure the white target line is aimed at your target every time. 

The white target line should always be aligned to your target

The white target line should always be aligned to your target

Depending on what you desire to improve position the removable velcro speed rods in the formation you desire, you can use all four or just one depending on your objective. You can also adjust the width of the speed rods to make practice a little easier or more difficult, this again is dependant on the level of ability or what you are trying to improve. 

eyeline golf speed trap review golf by josh hirst pga profeeisoanl

To prevent the “over the top” move: Put a speed rod on the back top corner, and front inside corner.

To prevent coming too much from inside the line: Put a speed rod on the back bottom corner, and front outside corner.

As I want to make sure both the exit and entry path of my swing is correct I have been using the Speed Trap with all four speed rods. The back two rods are great for your club path into the ball, whilst the front rods are brilliant at making sure your exit plane/path is correct. 

The speed rods really do make you think all the way through your swing, and I found my movement was more fluid with my mind focussed more on the swing than the ball, something which many players have trouble with. 

eyeline golf speed trap review golf by josh hirst

Do not worry If you do hit a bad shot, as you will simply contact the soft foam speed rods and they will detach from the base. Should you contact the base, again do not worry as it is very strong polycarbonate and can withstand the impact of a club. 

The speed trap is a great way to see and feel how the club should be moving through impact, giving visual and kinesthetic feedback, as the speed rods can be adjusted in any formation, I also find it extremely useful with my students who are learning how to shape shots. 

I did also find it very useful for indicating my clubface position through impact, many times I passed through the trap perfectly but left the club open or closed, which is a great way to identify any problems you may have with your release. 

Chipping & Pitching

The Speed Trap is a very effective tool for improving strike and consistency with wedges. If you attack the ball a little shallow or flat, you will make contact with the base. I found this very useful as sometimes I can get a little flat and also shallow with my chipping, and the speed trap certainly identifies any mistakes.

For chip shots I tend to use the speed trap without the speed rods, I also suggest starting the ball at the front of the base and moving back as you improve. This helps to develop a steeper angle of attack for crisp controlled chip shots and is a fantastic way to prevent players from scooping the ball. 


The speed trap is a great way to improve the consistency of your path and also your strike, it gives instant feedback and really helps you to focus your mind on the path of the club rather than the ball. 

I have used the speed trap for personal practice and also with my students with great results, it can be adjusted for players of all levels, which just adds to its versatility. 


Versatility 9/10

Simplicity 10/10

Effectiveness 9/10

Overall 9/10


To purchase the Speed Trap or for more information visit WWW.EYELINEGOLF.COM