Putting is responsible for nearly 40% of your game, it is the most used club in the bag yet is the putter is something many golfers pay the least attention too. Feel is everything on the greens, and finding the perfect putter can be hard task. For the last seven years Piretti Fine Putters have been dedicated to making world class putters, and have emerged as one of golfs breakthrough brandsPiretti Fine Putters was founded in 2008 and has since become a very well established brand in the US, it maybe a little less well know in Europe, but tour players around the world are certainly putting their trust in Piretti. Henrik Stenson is their most notable ambassador, the Swede used a Piretti throughout his phenomenal 2013 season, winning the FedEx Cup and Race to Dubai titles. This is made even more impressive on Piretti´s part as Stenson was not sponsored, nor obliged to use his Piretti Putter, he simply liked how they played, felt and performed.  

Piretti Fine Putters certainly focus their attention on the finer details and quality of each putter they create. Piretti mill each putter from a single piece of fine metal billet, to produce a superior and unique feel. Most models are traditional in deign and style, with the weight of each putter being significantly heavier than other brands out there, this is to help smooth out your stroke for improved roll and consistency. Piretti also produce some great wedges, accessories and apparel that incorporate the same levels of craftsmanship and design seen in their putters. 

piretti putter review golf by josh hirst

Potenza II Review - RRP $315

Milled putters provide a great feel, are a timeless classic, a favourite of many golfers out there, and the Piretti Potenza II certainly does not disappoint. The Potenza II features a traditional 3 tiered blade design, 365 gram head weight, and comes in a stunning Titanium black finish. From the moment you pick it up, the heavy 365g head is apparent, and really gives you a sense that the materials used are of brilliant quality. The black Titanium finish does not only look and feel fantastic, but is great at reducing any glare that may be produced, whilst giving the putter a softer feel and look. 

View of the Piretti Potenza II at address

View of the Piretti Potenza II at address

The white aim line is also something that is important on any blade style putter, as this helps to aline the ball and identify the centre of the club. As you can see below, the Potenza II also features an offset plumb neck, which helps to improve both the strike and roll produced. What I found slightly different to other putters was that you cannot see any of the face at address, this is due to the low 2.5 degrees of loft which is incorporated in all Piretti putters. This helps to produce a great roll and brilliant consistency, at the same time as reducing the amount bouncing or skidding off the face. 

The Potenza II features a 365g head weight

The Potenza II features a 365g head weight

Visually the Potenza II is stunning, and I love the simple quality that has been incorporated throughput the Piretti brand. 

piretti putter review golf by josh hirst pga professional
piretti putter review golf by josh hurts pga professional

Feel is of upmost importance on the greens, and the Potenza II's feel is up there with the best, it is soft yet solid and the consistency is brilliant. Some milled putters can feel a bit too firm and unresponsive, but the materials, finish and design of the Potenza II combine brilliantly to give a fantastic feel, sound and feedback. The deep milled grooves on the face mean that the ball rolls extremely well and consistently too. You can see and feel the quality of the craftsmanship on the face when you take a closer look, and the grooves are certainly deeper than other milled putters I have tried. The face also features the signature Piretti lion, which is a great added touch. 

piretti golf putter review golf by josh hirst pga professional
piretti golf review golf by josh hirst pga professional

The Piretti Potenza II features an IOmic Grip as standard but can be upgraded to an 100 % leather option if you wish, the feel of the IOmic grip is brilliant and really adds to the overall feel and design of the putter. As the putter is made from very soft and high quality materials, Piretti also put a lot of focus on producing covers that will both protect their putters and stand out. The yellow and black cover is a great addition to the bag, and certainly protects the putter. 

piretti putter review golf by josh hirst pga professional
piretti putter review josh hirst pga professional
piretti golf review josh hirst pga professional

The Piretti Fine Putter range is certainly one to check out for those of you looking for something classic, traditional, yet effective and innovative. The heavy head is brilliant and something that I noticed separates Piretti from other brands. The feel is unique, thanks to the deep milled grooves and materials, whilst the finishing touchers are up there with the best. These guys may be relatively new on the scene, but they certainly know what they are doing!

Our Rating :

Feel 9.5/10

Design 9.5/10 

Feedback 9.5/10

Performance 9.5/10

Overall 9.5/10

If you would like any more information about Piretti Fine Putters visit www.PirettiGolf.com