In a world full of training aids, finding one that helps to improve the area of your game you are struggling with is key, but when one comes along that can effectively be used for a number of different purposes, your onto a winner. We recently tested out The Pill, which is a training aid specifically design to help improve your face alignment at impact with every club in the bag. The possibilities of The Pill are endless, and it is a brilliant and fun tool for players of all abilities and ages. 

golf by josh pill golf truing aid review

The Pill is similar in shape to a hockey puck, while incorporating the same materials and manufacturing process as a tour level golf ball. This gives it a brilliant feel with all your clubs, and a great response on the greens, which is something that really stands out to us as some training aid golf balls can be a little hard or unresponsive at times. The two piece design also gives you the option to use The Pill with every club in the bag, and not just the putter, which we thought was perfect. It has been specifically designed to roll true on the greens, and does not counterbalance itself, which means it really will identify any faults you may have with your club face alignment.

If you do miss hit The Pill, it will wobble around in the air or on the green (depending on club used) to highlight any path or club face alignment faults. However when it is struck squarely, The Pill flies as you would expect any regular golf ball would, and when used with a putter rolls perfectly on the greens. We took a closer look at the Warm Up Set, which includes 3 Pill Balls and a small bag to store them in. There are number of set options available, which can be found at, which vary depending on the number of balls you would use to practice.

The various options are:

  • Single Ball  - rrp $12.95 
  • Warm up set (3 balls) - rrp $37.90
  • Chipping Set (12 balls) - rrp $129.50
  • Pro set (50 balls) - rrp $497.50.
the pill truing aid review golf by josh hirst

We really enjoyed the simplicity, usefulness and ingenuity of The Pill, and it is refreshing to see a training aid that brings things back to basics, because at the end of the day there the most important to get right. The only thing to consider when you use The Pill, is that you must make sure you line it up correctly with your desired target so you can correctly identify if you have hit a poor or good shot. However once you have lined up, you simply hit the ball as you normally would.  No matter if you are a professional, amateur or beginner you will always learn something from using The Pill, it is fantastic at highlighting a poor putting stroke, as even having you club face just one degree closed will see your ball finish way off target. 

the pill revue wolf by josh hirst

Chipping with The Pill is also great fun, if you hit the ball well you will be rewarded, but a poor shot can see the ball go way off target and even miss the green from extremely close range. We found it to be very good at improving chip and run shots, as it is vital that your face is square to the target at impact. The feel off the face is close as good as a tour level ball, and it reacts as you would expect when it lands on the green. 

the pill chipping golf by josh hirst

Our Favourite ways to use The Pill

The Pill claims that the training aid can be used all the way to the hole, and it certainly lives up to their description. We played a few full holes with The Pill, and it was an extremely fun, frustrating and humbling experience which helped to identify when we had hit a poor shot, with often hilarious results. It is a great way to enjoy your practice sessions on the course, and will for sure test your ability. 

Another great drill is the 2 Pill Drill. This requires using 2 Pills at the same time to see if you can putt them both into the hole. To do this, you must set the Pills up as in the picture below, and try to roll both balls into the same hole. This is fantastic at identifying how good your whole putter face is aligned at impact. 

golf by josh the pill review


We found The Pill to be a brilliant, useful and very well designed all around training aid. Its simplicity and functionality is what really sets it apart in a crowded training aid market, and as players can often spend little time on their putting practice, it will certainly appeal to many golfers. The concept is a brilliant one and it is certainly something that we would recommend to try out, not only for the way it will help your game, but for the enjoyment, and fun you can have with The Pill. It feels great when you hit any shot well, and seeing yourself hit a ball that is half the size of a traditional ball is satisfying and encouraging to say the least. 

The Pill is certainly a training aid that will appeal to many golfers of all abilities, players can spend a long time practicing their putting stroke and not knowing if they have improved, but by using The Pill you cannot get away with a less than perfect putting stroke. The price of The Pill is also a lot lower than other training aids out there, yet does a fantastic job, which again sets it apart from many. 

Our Rating :

Effectiveness 9/10

Value 10/10

Usability 9/10

Total 9/10 

You can find more information and videos about The Pill on the website atWWW.THEPILLGOLF.COM