Rose & Fire are certainly in a league of their own when it comes to innovation, craftsmanship and design. The head covers and accessories they produce are innovative, thought provoking, high quality and extremely functional. Many players simply use the cover that is provided to them by the manufacturer for their clubs, others choose novelty covers and some even go without, but we like to stand out by adding some style to our golf bag.

rose and fire review golf by josh

Rose & Fire are a California based head cover and accessory company, who have a history stooped in the retail and textile trade. Current CEO and founder Mike Buchfuhrer followed in the footsteps of his grandmother and many of his family, which he combined with his love of golf to create something truly special. 

"My passion for design and creation comes from my grandmother, Rose. She began her career as a hat designer in the 1940s. I emulate her classic style and commitment to quality in my constructions. Growing up spending summers with her and in my uncle's denim, jacket, and garment facility I learned about design and what it takes to execute a vision.  

roseandfire review golf by josh

After working in the golf industry designing headcovers and milled putters, I began applying what I learned in my youth and some of my own techniques to headcover design and construction. I try to add a level of sophistication and quality to my creations that is unseen today. Everything we create is made in California with the best domestic and imported materials. We take pride in our craftsmanship and ethics " - MIKE BUCHFUHRER 

We were fortunate enough to take a closer look at some of the fantastic products Rose & Fire have on offer, and we loved every one of them! We were sent the Selvedge Denim , Digital Camouflage , Multicam Field Camouflage and Kryptek Highlander covers, all of which look and feel brilliant. We decided that the best way to showcase Rose & Fires's unique rage is visually, so we have included a lot of images in this review for you to take a look at. 

golf by josh rose and fire review

Selvedge Denim Driver Cover - RRP $53.72

One of the things we loved about the concept of the Selvedge Denim Driver Cover was the contrast between what is seen as acceptable on-course attire, and what is not. Many clubs follow a strict NO JEANS policy, but the fact that you can have a cover that is made of Denim is a brilliant twist, and a great take on a contentious issue among many golfers. All Rose & Fire driver covers are designed to fit 460cc and under heads, but there is also a sizing guide available on their website. 

golf by josh hirst rose and fire denim cover

As soon as you touch the cover, you can tell that a lot of time, effort and attention to detail has been spent throughout the manufacturing process. The quality of the denim is as good as you would wear, and the stitching is also flawless. The inside of the cover is both soft and padded, which will protect your driver from any potential damage. We also found the front pocket to be quite useful as well as looking great, you can keep a few tees or a marker in there, and it is also big enough to fit your phone in ...... just to annoy those old school members even more!

golfbyjosh rose and fire review
Each cover has two elastic strips to keep the cover secure and your club protected. 

Each cover has two elastic strips to keep the cover secure and your club protected. 

The Selvedge Denim Cover is certainly an innovative and stand out design, which will appeal to many golfers. The materials are of retail standard, and no corners have been cut throughout the design process. Rose & Fire are big on quality, and you can certainly feel the knowledge, passion and expertise in every cover. 

Digital Camouflage Fairway Wood Cover - RRP $30.44

The Digital Camouflage Cover is a thing of beauty, not only does it look brilliant off your clubs, but in the bag it is amazing. Again the quality of materials is of the highest grade possible, and is of Military Specification, meaning it will last for much longer than other materials out there. The finishing touches and stitching are also up there with the best, and as soon as you get the cover in your hand, you can feel how well it's been made. Having spoken to Mike, he explained to me the details of the stitching patterns he likes to use, and how they are traditional to the U.S but rarely used these days due to outsourcing. After hearing his passion and knowledge, it is clear to see that he puts all his effort into making a top quality product, and really knows every single aspect you could want to know. His passion is astounding, and you can almost feel it in the products. 

The Digital Camouflage Cover incorporates a Tan leather patch with a choice of options 

The Digital Camouflage Cover incorporates a Tan leather patch with a choice of options 

The Fariway sod covers also include two elastic bands to hold the cover in place. 

The Fariway sod covers also include two elastic bands to hold the cover in place. 

We do really like to get a feel for the products we review, and knowing the story and history behind them is something that certainly appeals to us. The Digital Camouflage cover is certain to appeal to many players, and represents more than just a cover. It shows the combination of pride, strength, protection and attention to detail. As Rose & Fire work closely with the military all the parts and materials are genuine patterns of the U.S Forces.  

Multicam Field Camouflage Hybrid Cover - RRP $ 28.65

Rose & Fire really do have all bases covered, and offer a great range of hybrid covers to match your woods. This is a brilliant addition to your bag and you can choose to have a matching set, or completely different design for each club. The Multicam Field Camouflage is certainly the most traditional camo print, but one that looks fantastic. Again you can feel the quality and durability of the materials, and as they are to military spec, you know that they are built to last. All the Multicam Field Covers are made using 100% Denier Nylon so your clubs are in safe hands. 

golf by josh rose and fire review
The hybrid covers include 3 elastic strips to secure the cover

The hybrid covers include 3 elastic strips to secure the cover

As with all Rose & Fire covers, the interior is as important as the exterior and each cover is lined with a thick, soft lining which provides great protection to all your clubs. 

Kryptek Highlander Putter Cover - RRP $28.65

Following the high standards and quality of the Rose & Fire brand the Kryptek Highlander Cover also provides great protection. This print is commonly used for tactical hunting, and is of the same high quality and design you would find used in hunting equipment. The soft and protective inner lining provides outstanding protection, along with it's tough and durable outer layer. Again the attention to detail is second to none, and there is no stone left unturned throughout the whole design process. 

golf by josh rose and fire review


The Rose & Fire collection is without a doubt innovative, ground breaking and bold, with styles and designs to suit every taste. They leave no detail un-noticed, and work extremely hard at breaking the mould to bring golfers a new take on golf style. It would be hard to choose a favourite from the collection, as they are all unique and brilliant in their own personal way. Bigger companies may not put the time, effort and work into manufacturing covers as it can be costly, but Rose & Fire certainly do! Their covers have been featured in a number of golf publications, and the custom option means that many clubs are adopting them as their crested covers. Rose & Fire are a fresh, stand out company, with some amazing concepts and ideas.  

Our Rating : 

Design 10/10

Style 10/10

Functionality 10/10

Overall 10/10

For more details about Rose & Fire visit their website at WWW.ROSEANDFIRE.COM

josh hirst golf rose and fire review

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