Many players like to personalise their golf equipment, and it can sometimes be hard to find easy ways to do it. GolfDotz are a great way to add a little personal touch to your Clubs, Balls or anything else you feel you want to put your mark on. With some great designs available, that will suit every taste, style and preference, GolfDotz are certainly a fantastic way to add a little personality to your equipment! GolfDotz have already been used by many tour players and amateurs worldwide, with great response. 

golfDotz golf by josh review

GolfDotz are extremely easy to use, and can be attached to pretty much every surface. We used them on shafts and golf balls, but they have been used by many players on clubs and other equipment. To use them, you simply cut out the Dot you want to use, peel off the back cover and place it where you want it, holding down for 5-10 seconds. 

golfdotz review golf by josh hirst pga professional
golfbyjosh golf dots review

I like to add style and personality to my clubs, but I also like to do it subtly, so I put my GolfDotz on the shaft of my driver, which is not noticeable straight away but adds a great personal touch when noticed! I also personalised my golf balls, which is a brilliant way to indentify your ball on the course, as well a looking great. I was unsure if they would come off the ball when I hit them, but having thoroughly tested them I can say they certainly stay on and are extremely durable. 

golf dotz golf by josh review
Golf both review golf by josh

GolfDotz are a brillant and fun way to add style and personality to your game, with some fantastic designs and styles available, which are certainly worth checking out. Identifying you ball is a rule of golf, so why not do this with some added flare, personality and style at the same time. 

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