Imaging you are playing in a Major and you have to make Par or Birdie down the last to take the title, this is something you have dreamed of this your whole life!! What must be going on in your head?? How do you block out the negative and distracting thoughts that can creep in??

Fluid Motion Factor Golf by josh hirst pga professional

These thoughts that distract us are what can be referred to as the DNA Goals of a sport. The DNA goal is something that is embedded in a sport, such as holing a putt, hitting the green or fairway off the tee. Nobody has to tell you that this is a good thing to do, you just know that's the goal, so why would you constantly remind yourself it's a good idea? The problem with a DNA goal is that it never goes away, like an annoying fly that won't leave you alone and follows you everywhere. 

The difference is where the thoughts come from. They should be generated naturally and from the quieter more subconscious levels of the mind, and it is only when we access these quieter levels of the mind, that we access deeper levels of subconscious intellect and the fast twitch muscle groups which are vital in performing well in all sports but particularly when under pressure.

Golf by josh hirst pga professional

Every player has a mind and every player has a body, within the mind they have surface levels and deeper levels. The deeper levels of the mind are what control the finer fast twitch muscle groups, which are responsible for self correction, higher levels of speed and the ability to track the bodies' movement. These deeper levels are like reactions, similar to those that we experience when catching something that is falling or swerving a car for an animal. Where as the surface levels of the mind control the gross bulkier muscle groups, these surface levels are what interfere with the fluidity and wholeness of a golf swing or movement, a good example of this is when we over think a movement, such as the game operation. As soon as you need to have a steady hand you cannot keep it from shaking and then you over think and its just game over. 

Both muscle groups are extremely important in their own way, but when thought is generated from a surface level, the gross bulkier muscles take over and dominate, this then destroys the feel, fluidity and wholeness of the swing. It is important when playing any sport that we almost let our subconscious take over, go onto autopilot and don't try to control our bodies movements, we all have a swing that is ours and ground in, this can be changed and improved but to PLAY well the body must be free. 

Fluid motion factor golf by josh hirst pga professional

This is just an explanation and insight into how these thoughts can effect your game. These thoughts can be trained and improved, if you would like any more information or help in improving the mental side of your game visit our contact page and get in touch. 

These thoughts have been inspired by Steven Yellin, founder of the Fluid Motion Factor at the David Leadbetter Academy HQ at Championsgate, Florida. Steven is the creator of Fluid Motion Golf and continues to work with many top level golfers, I studied under his supervision to become certified in the Fluid Motion Factor whilst visiting the worldwide headquarters of the Leadbetter Academy in January 2014, a trip which gave me an insight into how elite player think.