We love to find products that tick all the right boxes, and CorkTree Putter Grips certainly do that. They are eye catching, innovative, look fantastic and feel brilliant. The unique design, style and concept of the CorkTree brand really sets them apart from many others trying to make a name for themselves in the grip market. There are four different styles available (SlimJim, StumpyGimme and Bandit) which will appeal to all golfers, depending upon the type of grip style that works best for you. All options are available in some brilliant colours and feature the signature stitching and cork finish. Cork is a relatively new material in terms of golf, but it's natural properties, functionality, durability and quality combined with it being eco-friendly, really make it a brilliant all around material that will appeal to many golfers. CorkTree have specialised in cork for generations, which combined with traditional production methods gives a great finished product. 

corktree putter grip review golf by josh Hirst pga professional

CorkTree Grips are made from a combination of cork and polyurethane, which combine brilliantly to give a unique and special feel. All the cork is sourced from CorkTree's personal farm in Portugal, is of the highest quality, and has been thoroughly tested by many golfers. The feel of the cork is soft, naturally water repellant and smooth, whilst still being tough and durable. We really liked that each grip has a unique pattern, as no two trees are exactly the same, this again adds to the individuality and style of the CorkTree Grips. 

corktree putter grip review golf by josh hirst pga professional

We tried out the Red SlimJim model, which is 24mm top diameter and 19.6mm at the bottom. It is the most traditional of all the models, yet thicker than your average standard putter grip. It feels soft to the touch, but also a little spongey if you squeeze hard enough. The smooth texture of the natural Cork is fantastic and certainly unique. Being cork, I half expected the feel to be slightly rough and maybe a bit unfinished, but that is certainly not the case here. The feel is superb and the finish and attention to detail is also of high quality. 

Corktree putter grip review golf by josh hirst ga professional

Feel is extremely important when it comes to putting, and the natural texture and properties of the CorkTree grips offer unrivalled feel, which is extremely important as it is your nay contact with the club. We tried it out alongside a 100% leather grip, and it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two. The feel is amazing, and the feedback from the putter is also much more noticeable, I feel that rubber putter grips can sometimes deaden the feel of a putter, but the Cork seems to add to the quality of the feel. Installation is also as easy as traditional grips, and requires exactly the same process, a video of the installation process can be found on their website.

We think it would be unfair to talk about the CorkTree grips performance qualities, as feel is the most improtant and deciding factor in choosing a new putter grip. The only performance related topic to be mentioned is the weight, and the CorkTree is just right at 80 grams. As I was struggling for rain, I also wet the grip a little too to test its performance in wet conditions, and it offered the same great feel, response, feedback and performed extremely well. 

corktree putter grip review golf by josh hirst pga professional
corktree putter grip golf by josh hirst pga professional

The look, feel, style and design of all the CorkTree grips are fantastic, and they are certainly eye catching and unique. The stitching, finish, and quality really makes the grip feel and look brilliant, with all the aspects you would expect of a leather option. We loved the stand out and bold designs, the history and most importably the innovation of The CorkTree Grips.

Many tour players including Danny Willett, have used the CorkTree Grips with great success, and its easy to see why. The unrivalled feel, response and feedback you get from the putter is certainly worth a try!

SlimJim - RRP $29.95

To see all the CorkTee products or to learn more, visit their website at www.corkputtergrips.com