Wearing comfortable clothing on the course is a must for many golfers, and comfort comes right down to the bare essentials. Having a pair of comfortable boxers (or your preferred choice of underwear) is essential when it comes to making you feel comfortable, especially as you may be walking for the next 3-5 hours and quite possibly in heat. When it comes down to it the most important aspect of underwear is comfort, as you won't be showing them off to everyone whilst your walking round the course. 2UNDR's philosophy is to make high performance athletic underwear, that can also be used everyday. 

2undr swing shift product review golf by josh hirst pga professional

When we contacted 2UNDR we were advised the best option was the Swing Shift model, due to its sport and casual background. 2UNDR make sure each pair is packaged to a high quality, protecting the contents extremely well no matter where you may be ordering from in the world. The package design is subtle, yet includes some great descriptions of the patented Joey Pouch and other essential information you need to know. 

The Lime Green Swing Shift option with Grey band and accents immediately caught our eye, and as soon as you open the box the striking colours really do stand out. The fabric feels fantastic, and is made of from beechwood fibres giving it a a similar texture to silk, which means there is very little friction, fading or shrinkage. The stitching is also strategically placed and designed to avoid any potential rubbing or discomfort, and it's little touches like this that show 2UNDR really do cover all bases in their design process. 

2undr swing shift product review golf by josh hirst

Every pair of 2UNDR Underwear incorporates a fly, for easy use and added breathability where you need it the most. The fly leads to the Joey Pouch, which is a patented design feature of 2UNDR, and offers a great way to protect your most valuable assets, whilst avoiding any unwanted skin contact. The waist band is also extremely comfortable, soft and strong, which is brilliant as sometimes bands can feel a little harsh or hard, but the 2UNDR bands are extremely comfortable. 

Patented Joey Pouch 

Patented Joey Pouch 

The 2UNDR Swing Shift boxers really do offer fantastic comfort, breathability and support where you need it the most. They are versatile, look great and feel even better, so no matter if you are on or off the course, you will be in comfort. 

The 2UNDR Swing Shift model retails at $24.99, which is a great price for a pair of underwear of this quality.

Our Rating

Comfort 10/10

Design 9/10

Style 9/10

Overall 9/10

Check out all of 2UNDR's brilliant designs and fantastic product range at www.2undr.com