Titliest Prov1 2015 josh hirst golf golfbyjosh

The Titleist Pro V1 has been the leading ball at any PGA Tour event for over 10 years now, they dominate every event in statistics, player numbers and the ball has reputation not many can compete against. We had a look at the 2015 models to see if the new and improved technology is worth the accolades it receives. 

Titliest prov1 prov1x review golf by josh josh hirst golf

Titleist only ever make small changes to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x models when released but the improvements are always well received.

The ball does not look too much different to previous models, the alignment aid is still there with a slight change and the text is similar, this has changed in the past but not this time. 

The new models have not strayed away from the previous dimple pattern or compression rate, meaning they are not low compression like many other manufacturers and competitors. 

Titliest golf ball cover Josh hirst golf golf by josh

The new Thermoset cover on the 2015 model means the ball has a softer feel but more is more durable than previous offerings, with a more consistent cover. I felt that previous models cut up a bit too easily and even playing well you may have to change a bit too often. 

The 2015 Pro V1 model did not disappoint when put into play, they felt a lot softer than the 2013 model around the green and offered high levels of control and consistency. On the greens the feel was great from the putter but not too soft, I have tried balls in the past that have felt very soft from the putter face and lacked consistency, but the Pro V1 ticked all the boxes. 

Titliest prov1 and prov1 x josh hirst golf golfbyjosh

I have always preferred the Pro V1x model since it's arrival as I create a lot of backspin with the driver and the Pro V1x seems to suit me a better all round. Previous models were a bit hard but the new 2015 model seems to have improved significantly. 

Off the tee the ball felt solid yet soft, the noise from irons is more clicky than the Pro V1 but a lot less so than the 2013 model.   

Around the green the feel was similar to the Pro V1 but from around 100yards I felt the ball flight was a little higher with more spin, the x still feels great off the putter face, a bit firmer than the Pro V1 but still a great response and feel. 

The 2015 model is a great improvement on the 2013 models which were not as well received by players, the visuals look similar but the feel is much better. 

When heading out on the course, make sure you choose your ball carefully! So many players pick up a packet of balls for the name and know little about the technology. Every company offers a ball to suit pretty much every level of player so ask for advice if you need it.  

The Prov1 and ProV1 x are great balls for feel, spin and control but some golfers may find it hard to get the distance they require. The feel is easily one of the best around, well worth a go if you want a bit more feel and control around the green and with the putter. 

Feel : 10/10

Durability : 9/10

Spin Control : 10/10

Overall : 10/10