Whenever people talk about 'European Golfing Holidays', the Costa del Sol, Turkey or the Algarve spring to mind, but why? There are so many great destinations out there to try, and here at Golf by Josh we would like to give you an insight into some of them. 

We will be taking a look at the Golf courses around Galicia in the North West of Spain and bringing you an insight into European golf outside the more commonly known tourist destinations. 

Why Galicia?

Galicia is well known for it's mountains, forests and greenery amongst many travellers but is also well known for boasting some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and pleasantly hot summers. The landscape is extremely different to many other areas of Spain and has plenty of natural forests, nature parks, wild beaches, historical culture and greenery to see.

Golf In Galicia Golf by josh Hirst pga professional

The landscape and climate are perfect for golf due to moderate rainfall in winter, and hours of sunshine between April and October. This makes the courses naturally green and extremely well maintained. There is also no need for extensive watering or fertilising as the courses and the land here is already fertile. 

The golf courses are well designed and always placed in beautiful locations, offering you picturesque vistas of the Galician landscape. There are no crowds of players queuing up at the first tee or lining the fairways, and the staff are always extremely welcoming and happy to help however they can. The weather conditions are almost perfect too, in the height of summer temperatures will peak at 35 degrees and in winter the lowest they will get is around 8 (celsius). This means that you can play all year round, and don't have to avoid summers like you do in many southern European locations. 

Golf in Galicia Golf by josh hirst pga professional

The prices are also consistent all year round, and there is no need to wait for discounted deals or rates. This also avoids the annoying situation of having to play after a certain time to get a twilight deal. Golf here is much like the lifestyle, enjoyable, fun, friendly and of great quality. 

Galicia boasts over 20 magnificent golf courses all of which are extremely accessible and differ in design, location and difficulty. There are also many amazing hotels close to each course which offer great golfing packages that will appeal to a variety of golfers and all can be tailored to suit you. 

Golf in Galicia Golf By josh hirst pga professional

Paradore Golf Golf by Josh Hirst pga professional

The Paradores are a hotel a leisure company that boast some of Spain's most beautiful hotels, they have teamed up with some great golf courses across Galicia and Spain to offer some fantastic golfing and holiday packages. There are packages for those wanting to play golf whilst traveling or if golf isn't your thing, they also offer other fantastic options. With hotels in fantastic locations, you get a real feel and insight into the history and culture of a local area, and can completely immerse yourself in the local customs and traditions.  

The Paradores group have recently launched a series of golf events and competitions in partnership with the many courses across Galicia. The events are open to anyone who wishes to play, and let you experience the great hotels / locations on offer along with the brilliant courses of Galicia. The series runs from the 16th May 2015 - 4th June 2015. Each event has already been well received by golfers from all over the world and is a great way to experience more than just Galicia's golf. We were invited to the first event in the Paradores tournament circuit to take a look at the Royal Aero Club de Santiago,and to see how the events run. The club has only been in its current location for one year and is already developing into a brilliant course. We will be bringing you a more in depth review of the Royal Aero Club de Santiago soon, so keep a look out on our Blog, Twitter and Instagram. 

Golf in Galicia Golf by josh hirts pga professional

We took the time to speak to some players and here is what they had to say...

``The course is great and well designed, it needs to grow a little bit but it has only been here a year and we are more than impressed with the condition so far´´

``There is no need for watering or unnatural fertilisers here, the ground is perfect for golf and grows well and quickly ´´

``At the moment our greens are running at around 11-12 on the stimpmeter, but we expect this get faster over the next few months. We also expect the trees to grow a lot more and the grass coverage will double.´´ RAFA - Head Greenskeeper 

The course is fantastic and the facilities are amazing too, the club is not just for golf, they also have tennis, racket and swimming areas. 

Golf in Galicia Golf by josh hirst pga professional
Golf in Galicia Golf by josh hirst pga professional

So if you are considering a Golfing trip but want to try somewhere new, that can offer more than just your average holiday, Galicia is a great destination. It is quiet, tranquil and there is a lot to see and do here in addition to golf. The atmosphere is certainly different to other golfing `destinations´, but is one that is well worth the experience. 

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