Nike have released 3 drivers in the Vapor range, unlike other companies Nike have decided to target a players launch angle, swing speed, ball spin and swing style. All models have an adjustable head design, but the shape, size and design vary. The 3 models in the Vapor range are the Speed, Pro and Flex. 

The adjustable head is nothing new but works really well, this means the loft and face angle can be altered to suit a players needs. 

The Flybeams in the back of the head help to strengthen the cavity and fill the open space, this also helps distribute the weight better trough the clubhead providing an increased MOI.   

The compression channel, which featured in the 2010 Victory Red driver is also incorporated in the Vapor range, I think this is a good edition as the feel and sound of the Vapor is an improvement on the previous Covert models.  

Vapor Speed  - RRP £249

The head of the Vapor Speed is 460cc, when looking down at the driver at address it is bigger and longer than the Pro version. This seemed to produce a higher launch angle and overall flight. 

The head sits slightly closed, which will help players who struggle with distance, accuracy and to get the ball up in the air. This is a great driver for those searching for a bit more distance and a higher ball flight.

The lighter colored face will also be a bit more helpful when lining up off the tee. 

Vapor Pro - RRP £300

The first thing that the Vapor Pro offered before hitting it was the striking colors and design, it has a darker sole And face to the Speed model which has been a good addition in recent Pro models from Nike. 

The feel and sound of the Vapor Pro are also brilliant, the ball feels solid off the clubface, but this doesn't compromise the distance. 

The head design is more traditional than the other models, which is a must for any Pro version. It appears smaller than the other models, which means it is a little less forgiving which is expected. 

As most players who will use this driver have a faster swing speed, a heavier Diamana shaft is incorporated, other custom shaft options are available but they may have an up-charge cost.  

I think the look and feel of this club is brilliant, combined with the adjustable lofts, Nike have produced a great driver. I for one really like the striking color schemes and designs Nike come up with and the logos on the clubs are very well placed. The Vapor range at address seems to boost your confidence, which is great when setting up to the driver. 

Vapor Flex - RRP £349

The Vapor Flex is the most expensive model in the series, the difference is the Flightpod that has been placed in the cavity. The Flightpod moves the COG which helps to reduce or increase ball spin if needed. This club will appeal to many better players as the head is also a smaller design, more similar to the Vapor Pro model, with the face set slightly open.

I liked both the Flex and Pro model, but for me the Pro model was just a bit nicer sounding and feeling. The Flex has an equally solid feel and noise as the Pro but I got a little more out of the Pro.  


The Vapor range is a great success, I think they are all brilliant drivers and all will do the job they are designed to do for the players they are aimed at. My favorite was the Pro model, but all the models are great performers for different reasons. 

I was a huge fan of the Covert 2.0 Tour driver, mainly due to the look and feel of the club, but the Vapor may have just topped that. 

The driver has been received well with tour pros, Rory first put it into play at the Ryder cup to great success.

Nike are always good at producing equipment that appeals to a wide range of players, and this is not exception.  


LOOKS 10/10


FEEL 9/10

TOTAL 9.5/10