I have always been a big fan of Nike irons since their debut, they have always been quite simple yet playable and not much seems to have changed. The Nike Vapor Pro and Combo range are extremely attractive to a lot of golfers, mix that with the design process and input of some of the worlds best players and you have a great family of irons. 


The Pro is a great looking iron, its sleek blade design make it almost irresistible. 

I personally moved more towards the Pro irons, simply because of the sleeker and more  traditional design. If you are confident enough to use the Pro iron then do so, you wont regret it! They are a little less forgiving and don't quite fly as far on off centre hits, but never the less they look and feel amazing when you do. 

As the Pro irons are forged, the feel and response level is high, they are also designed very well with most of the head weight being placed in the toe of the club to centralize the sweet spot. This was something Tiger pointed out to designers and was incorporated in the Pro irons. 

Pro Combo

The feel and sound off the clubface is extremely solid yet responsive, they are quite forgiving and give great feedback. Nike have always been good at combo irons and these are no exception. 

'Modern Muscle' is the theme behind the combo irons, this means the series are similar to traditional irons with a bit of a twist. They look and play like a traditional blade but have a hidden cavity which means the weight of the head can be moved around the edges to increase the MOI. 

The head of the combo iron is slightly bigger than the the pro but they are still attractive to look at when addressing the ball. 

The ball flight is a little higher than with the Pro model, but something you would expect from a more forgiving club. A lot of players are choosing the Combo for their long irons simply for the increased launch and forgiveness. 

Vapor Speed 

The Vapor Speed is a much bigger head and design than the other models in the Vapor range. This will appeal more to mid-high handicap golfers who like the design and feel of Nike irons, but want more forgiveness. 

The Vapor Speed is an extremely forgiving iron but still offers great feel and responsiveness. It is a little chunkier to look down at when addressing the ball but not too much so that is is ugly. 

The ball flight again is higher than the Pro and Combo models with more forgiveness. But this does not take away from the feel, and sound of the Vapor Speed, they are a great iron for anyone looking for a little more forgiveness. 


Nike have done extremely well with the Vapor range, the Pro is exactly what it says and appeals to the better golfer, the Pro Combo appeals to the low-mid handicapped golfer, whilst the Vapor Speed will benefit the mid-high handicapper. 

All the Ions are extremely well designed and provide a high level of feel and responsiveness. Every model is similar in feel, sound and design yet tailored to the specific handicap range it will suit the most. There is a good constancy throughout the range, as sometimes irons can vary a lot when more forgiving clubs are introduced but this isn't so with the Vapor range. 

If you are in the market for a new set of irons, I would certainly give the Vapor´s a go! They are a great all around performer and the design and ascetics are up there too.