LAUNCH DATE 14/11/2014 

RRP £799 4-SW (STEEL)

Taylormade always put a lot of research into their new equipment and the new RSi irons are no exception. They have come to the conclusion that 76% of shots are miss hit. So now you feel totally useless at golf here is how it can be helped.

Taylormade have incorporated FaceSlot technology which provides a more uniform flexion over the whole clubface. This means ball speed will be more consistent on the 76% of miss it shots.

The RSi2 also has an improved Speed Pocket technology, the ThruSlot technology gives increased launch angles and ball speed. This is implemented in both the RSi1 and RSi2, providing more forgiveness and consistency on miss hit shots.


Taylormade are good at making a product that is both pleasing on the eye, desirable and that performs well. The RSi2 is the replacement for the SLDR iron, which did not seem too popular among golfers, but the new updated range is a big improvement. 

The look of the RSi2 iron at address is similar to many previous models, offering a thicker top line without a visible cavity. This will please many club golfers but if you would prefer a smaller or more bladed head I would suggest the TP models. 

The RSi2 model is aimed at mid-high handicapped golfers who are looking for a bit more forgiveness, the main selling point of the iron is the forgiveness and they do offer that in abundance. 

I have always felt the SpeedPocket technology makes the feel and sound of the Taylormade irons a bit funny, but these were not the same. They do have a springy feel off the clubface, but that's not a bad thing! The feel and responsiveness of the RSi2 has not  been compromised for distance and higher launch which is always a bonus.  

Overall the RSi2's are a iron you must look at if your wanting more distance and increased forgiveness. 

I really enjoyed the forgiveness and feel I got from them, the launch angles are just a bit too hight for me but the clubs are designed for the mid handicap golfer. 

Even tho they are aimed at this level of golfer they still look great at address, they have been designed to look slimmer than they actually are which is fantastic. 

The RSi2 range are in the middle of the new Taylormade iron spectrum, offering forgiveness and room for improvement. If however you find you really struggle with your irons I would look more towards the RSi1 range.  

FEEL 9/10

LOOKS 8/10


TOTAL 9/10 

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