RRP steel: £105 RRP graphite: £120

The Ping Glide wedge range has three new stand out components - the Dyla-wedge grip, CFS Wedge shaft, and versatile head designs. 

There are lots of options and variances but the three sole options are - standard (SS), wide (WS), and thin (TS). The variety of soles have been incorporated to make the Glide suited to every type of ground condition and technique. 

 Thin soles = shallow attack angle and divot 

Standard soles = moderate attack angle and divot

Wide soles = steep attack angle and deep divots

The Glide wedge offers maximum groove volume for enhanced performance and spin control on full and delicate shots which performed really well when tested. I found there was a lot of spin control from rough shots which meant more control when needed. 

This Dyla grip is 3/4 of an inch longer than previous and traditional grips and something that was strange at first but a great addition. The longer grip is to encourage choking down the club, which helps players achieve a lower trajectory and tighter control on shots that require more touch. The Grip-down markings at 1 3/8-inch intervals will certainly help players with hand placement. 

The Glide wedges are composed of chrome plated 431 stainless steel, which provides a moisture-repelling finish and softer feel. The chrome plating provided a soft yet responsive feel and improved the spin and consistency in wet conditions and lies in the rough. 

Ping have always been innovators in club design, and the new Glide wedge incorporates some great new ideas. 

The 3 sole options mean they will attract all types of players and offer great diversity. 

Ping are relatively new in the wedge game but the Glide is a great design and worth a try if you are in the market for new wedges. 

They offer great feel and control, with high spin rates, and great consistency in wet conditions. The longer grip work really well when needing to play more delicate feel shots. 

All in all the Ping Glide is a great wedge, it is one I certainly recommend to try if you are in the market for some new wedges. 

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