Launch Date  - 16/3/2015 

RRP £135

Footjoy's latest Hyperflex shoe competes strongly with the likes of Nike, Adidas and Puma. Footjoy have always been a more traditional shoe brand but the edition of the DNA and now Hyperflex is a welcome change. Footjoy still offer a strong range of more classic looking golf shoes, but the Hyperflex will appeal to the players wanting a more sporty and modern design. 

Visually the Hyperflex is a great shoe that also offers the same comfort Footjoy has always delivered along with support and breathability. 

The Hyperflex range offers a more vibrant color option than previously seen delivered by Footjoy, I have always been a fan of white shoe and my favorite hyperflex design is the white and blue model.  

The Hyperflex shoe incorporates FlexGrid™ 2.0 technology, this is the upper exoskeleton of the shoe which offers comfort and support. The FineTuned Foam™ 2.0 provides a cushioned midsole whilst the heel support incorporates O.P.S™ technology for maximum support.

For those of you that have ever used it, you will be pleased to know that BOA technology is also available in most colors. This is a great feature and something I really liked about the shoe, I have always hated shoe laces waving around so the BOA is perfect for me. 

The firm exoskeleton provides great levels of support, whilst the material on the upper of the sho provides both comfort an breath ability.

The design of the shoe is both eye catching and will appeal to many golfers, Footjoy have not only gone for the visiual sales tactic here tho. The shoe is extremely comfortable and well worth trying if you need some new shoes for summer!  

Footjoy have hit the nail on the head with this shoe, a great design mixed with great technology has produced a brilliant shoe. 


Overall Rating 9/10