It has recently been announced that Rory McIlroy will become the face of EA sports, the Northern Irishman will have grown up playing the game as I did featuring Tiger Woods. This must be slightly surreal for the young star but will not be unwelcome.

This is yet another step towards him becoming the next superstar of golf. Golf is a big business thanks to Tiger and many of Rory's predecessors, and the gaming market is a way for players to reach the younger audience. 

I had a lot of players and friends who came to me and their only experience of golf was through gaming so hopefully this will keep growing the game for future generations. 

Its fair to say tho, that most of the people who I have taught find the real thing much harder!!

The game has come a long way since the early stages and I do think some of the features are good and can help with explaining things to kids. 

I especially think it helps when understanding areas of the course and getting the basics explained.  Mcilroy commented by saying, 

"I grew up idolizing the best golfers in the world, and now I'm one of them," he said. "One of the ways I idolized them was in video games. Playing video games is one of the ways I try to relax in my downtime, and one of my favorite video games was golf. That's what makes today's announcement so exciting to me. I am on the cover of EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR and it's named after me. That is crazy! I am more excited than I can possibly put into words."

Tiger Woods was dropped in 2013 and I think EA sports always had Rory in mind for this one, I'm not a gamer myself but know that this can be an important way of getting golf out there. The game is due to launch in June 2015, lets just hope we still get people actually playing the real thing!!