RRP £139 / £179 TP

We all know Taylormade are all about speed and distance and the latest range do not disappoint. In this review we wil be looking at the AeroBurner Hybrid. 

Not everyone thinks distance is a must with a hybrid, but if its your go too club from the tee when there is out of bounds lurking you don't want to be too short.

Taylomade have always been good at making hybrids and this is no exception.  

The AeroBurner hybrid is an attractive looking club, the striking white head is a welcome return, having been left out of most of the SLDR models. I used the original RBZ hybrid for a long time and found the AeroBurner an updated and improved model. 

Taylormade did their research and identified that a lot of drag is produced around the hosel, so they added a wider hosel and fin to reduce this and improve clubhead speed through reduced resistance. 

They have also incorporated a red speed pocket on the sole of the club, behind the clubface to help increase ball speed, reduce spin and improve ball speed on miss hits, as we now know miss hits happen! 

At address the AeroBurner looks brilliant, the white head design with black face is a great feature and its good to see it return. I think it really helps build confidence and aid alignment at address. 

It felt really solid off the face but at the same time had a nice little spring to it, this is always a great thing in a hybrid as many players use them as a safety club from the tee, and if you do you don't want it lacking in distance. 

I tried it from a tee, fairway and out of the rough and it performed well from all three, the launch angles were the best from the fairway, from the tee it flew a little high for me but still went a long way and it felt really easy to get the ball going from the rough. 

In all the AeroBurner is a great addition, and replacement for the previous SLDR models, another successful hybrid from Taylormade. 

The AeroBurner is designed for mid to high handicap players, but I would be more than comfortable putting one in the bag!  

Feel 8/10

Looks 10/10

Performance 9/10

Overall 9/10