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With spring in the air, many players will be looking for a new pair of Golf shoes. We recently took a closer look at the Adidas AdiPower Boost range, here's what we thought ....

The AdiPower Boost range incorporates the new Boost technology in the heel, which returns energy to the foot and the BOUNCE™ foam in the forefront of the sole provides more of a spring to your step. Adidas have used this technology in a lot of other footware for various sports with great success, so why not use it for golf! 

Now the technological part is out of the way, how do the shoes actually perform?

The Boosts are a really comfortable shoe, as you would expect from a sporting giant who spend a lot of money on research and development. They offer great support throughout the whole shoe and are extremely breathable and also waterproof. 

Sometimes I think shoes can be too rigid, but these are both supportive yet flexible and comfortable. 

Something that I am extremely picky about is how shoes look when I set up to the ball, I know its odd but I have never felt comfortable in black shoes, when I am teaching its OK but playing is a different matter. The AdiPower Boost look great at address, the are like a chunkier version on the adizero shoe, which was a great shoe but in my opinion a little bit too much like a football boot. I like all the colors in the Boost range but my favorites are the light grey with lime green sole or the blue and white. 

Adidas have included a FITFOAM®  sockliner which provides comfort and cushioning, this is something I really like about these shoes. They are just so comfortable and supportive in every way. 

When you walk in them on a hard surface you can feel the spring in the heel. This is thanks to the the boost technology which offers a lot of cushioning and power transfer, It's a bit strange at first but a brilliant feature and adds to the comfort of the shoe. 

Adidas have incorporated Gripmore spikes in the AdiPower Boost range, these spikes offer high levels of grip in wet conditions along with support on the areas of the feet that need it the most. These spikes are not replaceable, but most golf shoes are now moving away from the traditional spike system, and with a waterproof guarantee of 2 years I think the spikes are strong enough to last the same and more. 

Another great thing about the boost's is the customize option available online, this means you can make a color scheme as garish as you want that is personal to you.

These shoes have been very well received by tour pros and its easy to see why, a great shoe that offers high levels of support, comfort, stability whilst looking good too! 

How we rated the AdiPower Boost shoe:

Comfort 9.5/10

Looks 9/10

Performance 10/10

Overall 9.5/10